Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ocho, yes, Eight Random Mir Facts

Well, I'll try to be random. I'm shaking up my brain as I type, trying to disorder it up a bit in there.

I got tagged by D.G.D. aka The Sci-Fi Catholic (or maybe Snuffles, or maybe Lucky, not sure). I am a little jealous of Snuffles having a heap of unshared gold, and of the oreo orgy over there of which I am not allowed to partake, but, really, D.G.D. needs to do something about those virgins. Like, rescue them and get them good husbands. It's just not right that Snuffles keeps them hoarded that way. It almost makes me wanna call N.O.W., except I don't like N.O.W., and if I called they might say something to make my head explode.

Oh, wait, I should have saved that for the random facts.

With the cabeza all nice and shook goes (even though I'm pretty sure I did this one a while back, but I forget):

1. I forget which memes I've done.

2. When I dream of myself, I have long, curly hair that has a life of its own sorta like the comics villainess/superheroine MEDUSA, only not red. In fact, I'd give up non-essential organs to have hair like that.

3. I firmly believe that one's temperament is nature more than nurture,though the effects of toxins/etc in the environment (as well as abuse or great love) play their part. I say this because I had temper tantrums from a very young age--throwing myself off the sofa at age 1 to land on my head. Which explains much, I think. By the grace of God, I never murdered anyone. And I'm much better these days, thanks so much.

4. If I could only eat one thing on the afternoon of my execution--er, had I committed some dread crime for which my life was forfeit--I'd be in big trouble, cause I've never had just one favorite food. But I"m thinking pasta made by Molto Mario.

5. My favorite film that I watched this week is EVAN ALMIGHTY. If God appeared to me, I'd want him to look and sound like Morgan Freeman, who I adore in a non-idolatrous sort of way, and I'd want Him to dance with me under a palm tree. That would be cool.

6. The best cookies are NOT Oreos, although, yes, Oreos are pretty darn good. Snuffles has limited cookie vision. The best cookies are, of course, chocolate snaps. Second best are ginger lemon cremes. Third best are chocolate creme wafers. And those butter cookies from the Puerto Rican bakery in the South Bronx with the apricot filling that my mom used to buy, those are in the top five, for sure.

7. I hate humidity. It makes me cranky and my hair frizz and my eyeglasses condense.

8. I'm really, really scared of being a widow. This is why I pray almost daily that I go first or simultaneously with hubby. I'm talking about full-out panic at the notion.

9. I married the world's sexiest man. And no, I didn't marry Gerard Butler. My husband is sexier.

10. I want to go on a pilgrimage to Iona and Lidinsfarne. But I'm afraid to fly. And I get sick in hotels/motels/inns. This is a problem.

I don't know if I should tag anyone. They might get mad at me and begin to hoard chocolate snaps and kidnap Mario before he can feed me. And DGD already tagged Elliot and SteveT. Humph. But, one must take risks for life to be an adequate adventure.

So, if you're reading this and you aren't, you know, demon-possessed or a Pullman fan--or both--consider yourself memed, in the nicest way. Comment with a link if you do the list, so that I can read about how odd you are.

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Heather said...

Um, no. My husband's the sexiest.
And I love humidity. Of course that was when I had curly hair. Now I have straight hair. All natural! I cut my hair short, and when it grew back in, it went from naturally curly to naturally straight!
But I love the feel of moisture on my skin, of breathing it in.
When I was in Phoenix for a week, I was the most miserable person on the face of this earth.