Saturday, December 08, 2007

Monday, Dec 10th, 3:30 EST: Wanna Pray?

If you can set aside time that day and hour--adjusting for your time zone if you're no in the Eastern zone--Kristy Dykes' family is asking for prayer in desirous expectation of a miracle.

Some of you know Kristy or have heard of her situation--brain cancer--so I put this out for those who will and can take time out for the Monday prayer kaboom.

I'll be undergoing my own minor surgery at that time (if I don't panic), and I'll probably have so much adrenaline pumping that I won't remember, but who knows? I might get this spiritual nudge to remind me. At 3:30 EST.

Stranger things have happened.

(Those of you who've had that imperative nudge from God and seen confirmation thereafter know what of I speak:

Eg: You hear an internal voice saying, "Put $80 in X person's Bible when they're not looking," then you find out the next week that they couldn't pay an $80 energy bill and their utilities were gonna be shut off, and they'd been praying for the means to pay. *Happened to me. We put the 80 bucks in the Bible as directed when they left it in the pew and went to the fellowship hall for snacks pre-service.

Eg: Or you get a clear voice saying, "Tell X that YZ," and you think, "No way, God. Are you joking?" But you get in the car and go and tell this person you haven't seen in almost a year that God said, "YZ," and they smile with joy and whoop because two other people came and told them, "God says to you that are to YZ," and you don't know THOSE people did THAT, too, cause you hadn't seen one of THEM in almost a year and you didn't even know the other person; but you all gave the same message to the first person, who, coincidentally, had been asking God for an answer to a life-altering question and seeking guidance and validation of God's will. *Happened to us, after I'd spent more than a year as an invalid and had barely left the house and hadn't been to church, but I was outside in my jammies praying before bed on a warm night and got the clear message, went inside, told hubby, who, being the trusting full of faith soul he is, said, okay, let's go and deliver the message when I insisted we had to cause I got a clear Word.

May not happen often, but when it happens, it's pretty dang uplifting and utterly cool and totally freaky. Yay, God.)

Read about the family's plea HERE.

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CaroleMcDonnell said...

So true. He's amazing like that. Nicely freakish when that kinda stuff happens.

Will be praying and commanding for you both. Jesus commanded us to pray but he also commanded us to command. So with the little faith I have I'll be telling that brain cancer to shrivel up and die in Jesus' name. And will command healing to flow into your eye quickly.