Friday, December 07, 2007

For those who love Christ & the Arts

Visit Intersection

I've joined. (Member number five.)

I've got a page up. The picture's 9 years old, and my hair is less poufy, but it's got my red lipstick mojo going. (I have about 40 sticks of assorted red lipsticks. If you meet me and my lips are bare of color, that's NOT me. It's a Pod Mir.)

Visit. See if this is a community that suits you.

I've been a little less active online than in the past, but I keep the hope that my energy will increase and I'll have something to say on lots of things. Meanwhile, another place where art and theology can ... er....intersect. And this one has been created by the Elfin Queen Blue-Bearer-formerly Elfin Princess White-Wearer, but she got a promotion and a new dress--which is a good thing.

I'm hoping my SF loving and Christ worshipping pals will come and make it a vibrant place. Me, not so vibrant lately. But I'm taking my vitamins religiously.

1 comment:

Heather said...

Thanks for getting the word out!
I love being an elfin queen. In my world, there are lots of magical lights, compassionate trees, and hot drink.
Maybe I should get a picture back of my a flowy dress.
I love flowy dresses.