Wednesday, November 14, 2007


An immature but fervent young man at odds with the spirits of his people, yet destined for some greatness he doesn't comprehend or believe; a woman of virtue and selflessness of a different tribe and color who must marry this young , flawed chieftain's son besotted with her looks and manner; and a crucial historical moment when their peoples are threatened by an outside tribe intent on conquest as their religious right: That's the premise of WIND FOLLOWER. Much conflict and growing up ensues.

...The story is affecting as a love story, as a quest story, as a tragedy, as a heroic tale, as a tale of spiritual warfare. And the voice that the author uses is effective for the telling of such a story, both musical and poetic enough to give it the feel of an oral retelling of a great folklorically-enshrined history, and non-contemporary enough to feel both culturally different and sacred.

I wrote the above in my just posted review over at for Carole McDonnell's debut novel WIND FOLLOWER. I notice amazon only has 1 left in stock. I suggest you rush and snap it up. Oh, and read my review. (And click YES as to whether it was helpful, cause, well, I want to improve my rank. Yes, shameless of me.)

I've also commented on the novel over at the MINDFLIGHTS forum.

I believe Carole has some blog touring for the novel set for next month. If you want to support a talented Christian fantasist, please plug her book during the tour.

But mostly, READ IT and tell me what you thought. I found it engrossing mentally while it affected me spiritually the way a good devotional book does. Somehow, it preaches, and yet the way it's told allows for the preaching to be organic. Pretty cool.


CaroleMcDonnell said...

YAY!!! Thank you, woman! Finish your book so I can read it and review it also.

Thanks so much.

If they can't get it at amazon, they can try the Barnes and Noble or Borders sites and stores as well. Also Target and Walmart sites I think.

You can also go to Juno Books, click on Buy Direct, and then click on next page.

And if you can guys, throw up a prayer to the Father for me. I'd so appreciate it. I sooo want this book to be reprinted as mass market paperback.

Thanks so much, Mir. -C

Daniel Ausema said...

Hey, Mir--there was just an interview with Carole and another writer over at Fantasy Magazine (, and I right away thought of you. And lo and behold, here you've got a post about it as well. I've been seeing bits about Wind Follower here and there, and the interview only makes me want to read it more. It sounds great. I'll go check out your review at Amazon now =)

Valerie Comer said...

LOL Carole, when I get a book published I hope Mir likes it--cause when she gets behind something, just look at it go!

Congrats, I hope it does well, and it's still on my wish list. And Mir isn't letting me forget it, is she! :P

CaroleMcDonnell said...

Yes, ::big smile:: Mir does have a gift for blessing others. I'm beginning to see how much.

May God return blessings to her a thousand fold. Amen. -C

Mirtika said...

I'm kinda hard to please, so when I am pleased, I tend to promote shamelessly.

And you're welcome for any blessings, which in turn bless me.

Dan and Val, thanks for the drop by. Now, go, go, buy! Review!

Man, I'm gonna take a nap. Got the "tireds" this past couple days.


Shannon said...

Once upon a time, I knew Carole from a critique group we both belonged to. :-) I'm thrilled to see what's going on with her these days, and to hear this kind of feedback on her story. I'm really looking forward to getting it and *enjoying it!

Blessings, Carole! (And you too, Mir-dear! ;-D )

CaroleMcDonnell said...

Hi Shannon. Hope creativity is going well. -C