Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Tsunami of Grace" and Prayer Requests

People heard about Kelli's need, and it has been met, with extra dollops. She calls it a tsunami of grace. All her medical expenses--current, past, and in the near future--are covered by the donations given by the Christian and writing/publishing community. I've seen the generosity of this community more than once, particularly in the RWA and ACFW, and I view it as a privilege to do a small part in spreading the word and offering my pittances. I believe every bit counts--prayer, money, blogging, good will.

Read the terrific post, see the video, and pray for Kelli and her new pal Kathy, whose hubby is in a bad way with cancer. And continue praying for Kristy Dykes, who has been diagnosed with malignant brain cancer. Her husband has been blogging for her lately, and it's a beautiful tribute from a man who loves his ailing wife.

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