Saturday, November 03, 2007

Seen Sara's Site Lately?

One of my mostest favest young artists has new products she's offering on her GORGEOUS site. (Really, she has tweaked the site and it's prettier than ever).

Stickers. Fabric blocks. Prints. Figurines. Cards. Etc.

And soon, she'll have candles, wall tiles, and, er, teas.

I was really excited to see that my original watercolor by Sara, Warrior's Guardian, is available in bookmark. I ordered a half dozen. SQUEE! Even better, a dollar of each bookmark's sale goes to help the homeless. So, there's a great gift idea (lovely art, great for book lovers) that will help out the needy. Go for it!

Go see Dreamflier Studios. Enjoy her site. I's so pretty, you'll feel good down to the marrow after browsing. And with Christmas coming up, well, you might find something delightful for someone you love who loves fantasy art: fairies, elves, mermaids, wizards, dragons, and beautiful, beautiful angels.

BTW, make sure to see a newly uploaded bit of fairy art: The Blues of Winter. Oooooh. It makes me want my blog to be those lovely cool colors. AAAAHH.


Suzan Robertson said...

I'm ordering the Blues of Winter very soon. Love it!!

Mirtika said...

You have great taste. I think she's dazzling!