Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Picked out My 2008 Wall Calendar --
Look Upon It and Be Entranced

Continuing with the art vibe--and I'm not done, beware--I've found the wall calendar for my bathroom! Yay! (Yes, bathroom. It's there, first thing after I wake up, unavoidable as I, er, void, reminding me of doc appointments, weigh-ins, birthdays, holidays, events, hubby's business trips, etc).

It's a beauty! It can't help but be, cause it features the stunning artwork of Kinuko Y. Craft, whom I've mentioned several times on this blog as one of my MOST FAVEST artists working in SF. I started reading Patricia McKillip cause of a Craft cover. Lucky writer.

(If I ever become heiress of a fortune, Miss Craft will be visted by yours truly and an acquisition frenzy will ensue. Oh, yeah!)

Here it is. Feel free to sign and drool with envy. Or just order your own.

I also preordered the paperback version of the book on Kinuko's art. It is to swoon.

Such gorgeousness makes one thank God loudly and repeatedly for having eyes to see, even stinky obermyopic and now presbyopic eyes like mine. It really does.


Hanna said...

oooh, seriously? I love her with an undying love, I should look for that.

Mirtika said...

We shall dance the dance of Kinuko Love together, hand in hand, with many flounces and flowers and ribbons and tiaras and crescent moons and owls and pretty, pretty ringlets in our hair.