Monday, November 19, 2007

New Fantasy With Half-Latina Protagonist

I'm an excerpt-hound. I was visiting one of the blogs on my sidebar, FANTASY DEBUT, and ran across a link to Phaedra Weldon's site. (That is such a nifty author's name. Made me think of Fay Weldon with mythological attitude.)

My name is Zoe--that's with a long e. Not the pronunciation like toe. Martinique. Irish mother, Latin American father. Which means I have darker than usual skin for an Irish Catholic, a mass of brownish hair, very light brown eyes, a wicked mean temper and love of bawdy pub-songs.

My mother insists I look like my father, whom I'd always sort of imagined as resembling Antonio Banderas. Okay--so Antonio's not Latin, but Spanish. He's still one beautiful man. But you know how it is, how a daughter always imagines her father as being the most beautiful man in the world. A hero. A legend.

But according to my mom, the only legendary thing my dad did was vanish from my life. As to the whereabouts of one Adiran Martinique, can't help you. Haven't seen him since I was four. Mom refers to his absence as necessary.

Anyway, it was nice to see a semi-Latina as the shetagonist.

The excerpt is here for WRAITH from Ace/Berkley.

The amazon reviews were quite mixed--8 each of five and four stars, and 5 each of one and two stars. That's why I hadn't ordered it, though I regularly check to see what amazon has by way of fantasy, and especially urban fantasy.

I'm still debating whether to get or not, but that semi-Latina bit adds one more to the "pro" column.


Tia Nevitt said...

If you do decide to review it, let me know and I'll do a Spotlight on it from Fantasy Debut. Thanks for the shout!

SolShine7 said...

Oh my gosh Mir, this books sounds so good!!! Thanks for the tip. I'm definitely going to read this one. Novels with mixed characters are my favorites.

But one thing, I don't like the term "semi-Latina". I've never heard a mixed person refer to themselves as "semi-anything". I've only heard "semi-" used in negative connotations. It's along the lines of mulatto. It's not cool.

Mirtika said...

I'm a mulata, and in my culture, that's not a negative term. :)

I guess I"ll have to be non-PC. I like semi-Latina. :)