Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New BEOWULF: More Anti-Christian Crap?

DGD reviews BEOWULF, and if the tv ads weren't enough to get me to skip it (they were), then his review surely pushes me deep into the heartland of, "more offensive Hollywood bigotry against Christians that I don't wanna pay to see" territory.

Read his review here.

I wonder how Gaiman--a writer whose talent I admire and whose tomes adorn my library shelves--would feel if someone revised his fictional material so it was anti-Semitic or homophobic or something else he'd find offensive? But some reviewers have chortled at the anti-Christian elements in the Beowulf script. The very same who would organize boycotts and marches in the street were some favored group of theirs belittled in such a blatant way.

And the hate goes on...

For a non-scathing review from a Christian venue, see Christianity Today.



CaroleMcDonnell said...

Thanks for this post, Mir.

I so hate being side-swiped by an anti-Christian movie in the middle of a movie. Now, if I see it, at least I'm prepared.


Heather said...

I figured I wouldn't see it mainly because I suspect it'll be about as close to the story as Troy was to The Illiad. Plus, honestly, the animation technique doesn't look impressive to me.
And while I think the idea of a flawed hero is more appealing to our sensibilities, if I remember correctly, Beowulf wasn't flawed. That notion wasn't popular in literature at the time.
Is the flawed character more biblical, perhaps? Every hero in the Bible is flawed.
Except Christ.
And those that are types of Christ come across more hero than flaws: i.e. Joshua.
I don't have a point here. I'm just typing and can't seem to stop!

Mirtika said...

Not every hero. Daniel is pretty perfect. At least, I can't think what his flaw may be right off.


Galactic Overlord-In-Chief said...

Sheesh, after reading that review, I'm very likely to stay home. It's a shame, the project sounded intriguing.

- Jason