Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mike D Interviews Coach Culbertson
of Coach's Midnight Diner

We all face hope and despair every day. Cthulhu is representative of complete nihilism and insanity, while Jesus is the fulfillment of purpose and order.
--Coach Culbertson at DECOMPOSE

If you've hung with the Faith in Fiction crowd, or been a regular at J M Bertrand's sites, or read this blog with regularity for months, then you've heard me plug Coach's Midnight Diner, an anthology of genre fiction that also includes Christian Speculative Fiction.

I got my copy this week from amazon. And while I've only read two stories, I enjoyed both. My pal Chris' was the first I read, because any Jesus vs. Cthulhu story called "In R'lyeh, Jesus Walks" is gonna get my attention. I mean, bizarre gets me sitting up and noticing, and that's bizarre. But, you know, sort of logical at the same time. No, really. I thought so even before Coach says so in the interview. Honest. But if I ever meet Chris in person, I'm gonna make him say "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn," which he inserted into his story, and which just looking at it makes my brain hurt.

Well, as I was getting my copy of CMD, Mike Duran was posting an interview with Coach Culbertson, whom he describes as "Coach Culbertson. Editor, insomniac, and connoisseur of the finest French Roasts."

A sip of the interview:

MIKE: The Midnight Diner is a genre anthology that includes, among other things, horror and Lovecraftian fiction. What’s the response been like, thus far, to the Diner?

COACH: Well, no one’s condemned us to hell or called us brides of the Anti-Christ yet, which is a little unfortunate because that’d probably be great for sales. But overall, the response has been pretty astounding. A well-known Christian suspense author called the Jesus Vs. Cthulhu concept “brilliant,” and a crazy small press horror editor, Nickolaus Pacione of Lake Fossil Press, has expressed massive delight at its intensity and authentic horror. Some folks will consider us to have taken a lot of risks with this anthology, but I set out to collect stories that were uncompromising in any fashion.

Later on, Coach says the following, which really strikes a chord with The Mir:

The ultimate goal of the Diner is to show that God is not a pansy. The secondary goal of the Diner is to let authors just write the damn story, without fear of rejection based on content. God’s not afraid of any part or parcel of reality, so why should we be?

I liked his attending GothicFest and his signing the anthology next to pagans and Satanists. Jesus doesn't just walk in R'lyeh. He walks wherever people need Him to walk, need him to save. As y'all know, I have a soft spot for the Goth crowd, seeing as how I love the fashion,the jet black hair, the jewelry, the melancholy (I'm a melancholic personality type, so, go figure), and the music. Yes, yes, I even have a teeny tiny crush on Robert Smith. (Stop laughing.)

Read the whole interview at Mikey's site. His InSites posts are always pretty cool, even MINE, if I say so myself. (See sidebar for link to my InSites interview from last year.)

AND BUY THE ANTHOLOGY, which also features the fiction of even more of my blogging and FiF pals Suzan Robertson, Kevin Lucia, JM Bertrand, Matt Mikalatos, and Linda Gilmore.

If you wanna be nice to me, order it with this link and put a few pennies in my book buying kitty (and here are links to other anthologies with Christian genre fiction, ie. SF):


Suzan Robertson said...

Hi Mir,
Thanks for the plug!

my blog address is:
(you have in incorrect in your post. :-))

Coach's Midnight Diner has some great stories. Enjoy!

Mirtika said...

Man, I should have double-checked. This brain is degenerating. It should be fixed now. :)


Suzan Robertson said...

Thanks, you're a sweetie. I'm usually in brain-fog mode.....

Coach Culbertson said...

Hey Mir, thanks for the shout-out. And, you'll be happy to know (at least, I think you'll be happy) that we're doing another one. Subs will open up around November 15th.