Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Madeline Von Foester's Fantasy Art

In my unquenchable thirst for more visual stimulation of the artistic and fantastical sort, I've come upon an artist I hadn't heard of before, and man, is her stuff wonderful. It's got the fantasy vibe mixed with a style that evokes centuries past. The modern meets the historical... and it works. Two of my favorite artistic influences color her work--the Pre-Raphaelites and surrealism. Add a touch of tapestry beauty here and the flavor of the Flemish masters, and you get...Madeline Von Foester's creations.

Visit her gallery. Browse. Go, "Wow."



CaroleMcDonnell said...

lovely, lovely.

Ever checked out Tim Lantz?

Stygian Darkness

I'm not into sorcery but his gallery and his archeon tarot are lovely. -C

Mirtika said...

I had checked him out. I think I followed a link from someone's website about a book cover with one of his works.