Friday, November 23, 2007

I AM LEGEND: Stephen King Gushes

Stephen King and Frank Darabont have a little interchange over at SciFiScanner, talking about SF books that influenced them, that made me giggle. I think it's the boyish enthusiasm that comes through.

Tell me this doesn't make you want to find your copy and reread it (or read it for the first time):

KING: The biggest influence on my life, and it’s gonna be a movie [again] in December, I am Legend by Richard Matheson. I read Poe and all those guys, and I thought that they were good, but I didn’t have that kind of visceral connection where I thought oh yeah, this guy is doing it on my block, I like that.

DARABONT: That’s one of my top five favorite books.

KING: I love that.

DARABONT: It’s high on the list.

KING: And it’s on the best seller list again now too.

DARABONT: Is it really?

KING: Yeah.

DARABONT: Oh good, they’re reading the book ‘cause—does [the new movie] really look like I Am Legend or does it look like kind of a remake of The Omega Man?

KING: I haven’t seen the movie, they’re reading the book.

DARABONT: Yeah, that’s great, that’s awesome.

They mention many familiar names familiar to those of us who grew up watching/reading SF: Beaumont, Block, Bradbury ("a god"). Even Walter M. Miller, Jr. gets a shout-out. Modern writers get mentioned as well, including Alan Moore and David Mamet (for dialogue). Kelly Link's the only woman mentioned, as I recall, but even a luminary such as Gene Wolfe has praised Miz Link's imagination and prose, so, not surprising. :)


me said...

Mir - I actually found you on Amazon and had a quick question for you (although I do like your post on King/Daraboont - who doesn't enjoy boys being boys?)
In the book Goose Girl - does this version have a horse being decapitated? I am picking up some books for my girlfriends daughter and she would be very distraught if she read something like this. Thanks in advance

Mirtika said...

Hi, and yes. The head is cut off. It's not portrayed horribly in the novel, but a too young, very sensitive child MIGHT be unduly put off. The reviews from kids themselves onlines (teens) has been great. They are sad about Falada, but you simply don't come across complaints.

It's in the original story, so any kid who's read the original fairy tale has already seen this. :) I read Goose Girl when I was 6 or 7, and it was one of my fave fairy tales. I suppose the violence of fairy tales was simply a world that I accepted (the witch in the oven; the boy murdered by his stepmother; the heels chopped off to fit the slipper, etc).

I thought it was handled well. It's emotional for the main character (and any young reader would feel very sad), but it's not made into a gorefest.
Hope that helps.


SolShine7 said...

I can't wait to see I AM LEGEND. I started reading the book a couple days ago and the writing style is superb!