Sunday, November 04, 2007

How Cory Doctorow Would Save SF Mags

You may have seen the talk over the blogs in the last months on the declining numbers of subs/circulation for traditional SF magazines (not to mention just how hard it is for the new online ones to gain donors/support, too).

Cory has some ideas:

If I were running the mags, I'd pick a bunch of sfnal bloggers and offer them advance looks at the mag, get them to vote on a favorite story to blog and put it online the week before the issue hits the stands. I'd podcast a second story, and run excerpts from the remaining stories in podcast. I'd get Evo Terra to interview the author of a third story for The Dragon Page. I'd make every issue of every magazine into an event that thousands of people talked about, sending them to the bookstores to demand copies -- and I'd offer commissions, bonuses, and recognition to bloggers who sold super-cheap-ass subscriptions to the print editions.

Making every issue into an "event"--that's not a bad idea for online mags. Of course, I'm not brilliant enough to figure out how to make MINDFLIGHTS an event every month come 2008.

Of course, I hope you fans of Christian-friendly SF and Christian SF will give even a modest donation to make MINDFLIGHTS a success. EIGHT in 2008! If every reader donated 8 bucks in 2008, the magazine could function, pay better, offer higher quality work. Consider it, would you? (And if you haven't registered over there yet, please do.)

And if you have stunning ideas on creating monthly "events", do comment. I could pass them on to the managing editor and publisher.

hat tip to SF Signal for the link to Paulo Bacigalupi's blog which, in turn, linked to Cory at BoingBoing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mir,

Every week duotrope sends me all their new zine markets. There are more magazines than subscribers, writers or supporters now I think. The "best of"s and other industry awards are just popularity contests. Personally, I find my best stuff on writer's forums.

Although... your voices piece still stands out in my mind.

SolShine7 said...

Cory is onto something!!! That's exactly what needs to be done. would be a good blog to target. It's one of the best I've seen.

Mirtika said...

Hi, Snarky and Sol.

Snarky--I hope one day to write something else worthy of your praise. :) How areyou, btw?

Sol, you squealed, didn't you? I love that youthful enthusiasm. Can I borrow some? :)