Thursday, November 08, 2007

Helping Kelli Get Needed Surgery &
Praying for Kristy and her Brain Tumor

If you haven't already heard about/donated to Kelli Standish's surgery fund through her literary agency's fundraising--which has an anonymous donor putting up 10K for a matching fund--then here's your chance to help AND get something in return to help your writing career:

Editorial services of assorted types, including proofreading or critique of an entire manuscript or personal coaching, are up for auction to help Kelli. Read about it here.

In my experience, the writing community online is very generous and active in helping its own. Ditto for the Christian community online. So, I expect Kelli's matching fund will make it...and soon. Can you help?

And if your budget disallows helping in even the smallest financial way, please still pray. Prayer can do what money cannot: move the hand of God.

And as you pray, add Kristy Dykes name to your petitions. She has a brain tumor, and the neuroradiologist is convinced it is malignant and that the biopsy will merely confirm his diagnosis. That's serious stuff.

Remember these Kristy and Kelli when you pray for your loved ones.

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Aotearoa said...

Thank you so much for linking Kelli's Fundraising Auction to your blog.

Not only are editorial services up for auction, but we also now have signed books and book sets donated from various authors.

Check out what is available at:

Praying for both Kelli and Kristy.