Saturday, November 03, 2007

Deena's Giving Away a Copy of Jeffrey Overstreet's AURALIA'S COLORS & More!

You have to comment with your favorite color to enter the giveaway. Easy apple or blueberry or red cherry or yellow peach pies.

Enter here.

AURALIA'S COLORS is the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour focus for January of 2008. If you win Deena's copy, you can have it read and ready to review for the blog tour!

And if you want to enter her giveaway for the latest BOO series book (BOO HUMBUG), then tell her your fave Halloween candy. You're probably still noshing on those, right? Author Tamera Alexander is also giving away copies of BOO HUMBUG, and you can enter at her blog.

If you were disappointed not to win my Austin Boyd giveaway, Deena still has hers open for entries, and she has a bonus prize, and she writes this at her blog for those who want to enter:

Leave me a comment and you can win a copy of The Return. Plus, 9 other commenters will receive a CD and DVD sampler of his Mars Hill Classified series, and another goodie or two. I'll draw the winning names next Wednesday (November 7th) get your comments in quickly!

2 comments: said...

OO Im first!! Please enter me!

Mirtika said...

Angela, you don't enter here. You enter at DEENA'S SITE. Try the link. :)