Monday, November 26, 2007

Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour: Stephen R. Lawhead's SCARLET

Well, I and hubby have been searching the house for over a week, looking for my copy of HOOD, the first book in the KING RAVEN TRILOGY by Stephen Lawhead.


Because today begins the three-day tour for SCARLET, the second book in the trilogy.

I wasn't about to buy and read the second when I can't find the first, which I already bought. YEESH.

So, here I am. I haven't read HOOD (which, I BOUGHT months ago!) or SCARLET. But, that's never stopped me from blogging on a book tour before. After all, this is about promoting and publicizing, not just reviewing or critiquing.

For fans of Christian fantasy, Stephen Lawhead needs no introduction. Even if you have never read any of his books--TALIESIN, BYZANTIUM, SONG OF ALBION trilogy, MERLIN, ARTHUR, etc--you must have come across the author's name. If you regularly scan the bookshelves in the fantasy section of megastores, you must have come across several of his titles. He's always there. At least, in my experience.

I hesitated before buying HOOD. I'm kind of burnt out on Robin Hood tales. I was never a huge fan of them, anyway, despite enjoying the Errol Flynn/Olivia de Haviland match-up as a kid; despite Sean C and Audrey H in Robin and Marian; despite the cool Clannad soundtrack for the television import with a really handsome dark-haired Robin from, oh, back in the '80s. (Everybody sing: "Robin...the hooded man!");despite the magnificent Morgan Freeman stealing the whole show from Kevin "I can't keep an English accent going for more than two syllables" Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. No. I'm just not a Robin Hood sorta gal.

But you might be. So, pay attention during the tour. Visit the sites. Buy the book, if you think it's up your alley.

Here's a snapshot of each novel:

HOOD, : In Book One of The King Raven Trilogy, Bran ap Brychan finds his world ripped from its foundation as invaders topple his father's kingdom and send the young prince fleeing into the forest. Readers will be spellbound with this entirely fresh take on this legendary figure--where the familiar and unexpected collide into something wholly original.
From the ashes of ruin, a reluctant hero begins to emerge . . . yet his greatest enemy may be himself.

Read an excerpt from HOOD.

SCARLET: The second installment of a completely re-imagined epic of the man known as Robin Hood--told in a far more eerie, earthy, and elemental way than ever before.
As the story of King Raven continues, the stakes grow ever higher and the lives of Bran's band hang ever more in the balance. Will Scarlet is about to be hung and Bran discovers a secret that leads them to a desperate sea voyage to France through a vicious storm in a daring attempt to reveal the plot against King William by his brother, Duke Robert, and the greedy Baron de Braose.

Will Bran's loyalty re-gain him the throne of Elfael? Or will his efforts only increase the sheriff's determination to destory King Raven?

Read an excerpt from SCARLET.

Tomorrow, some interesting stuff on the Robin Hood folklore and tangents. Wednesday, something on the MUSIC that was inspired by the trilogy. I may have a cd giveaway. I am undecided. My budget is frowning madly at me. Let me think about it some more.

Now, go forth unto my blog tourmates, many of whom have actually have an organized library and have read these novels, which they have not disgracefully and ungallantly misplaced:

Trish Anderson
Brandon Barr
Wayne Thomas Batson
Jim Black
Justin Boyer
Grace Bridges
Amy Browning
Jackie Castle
Valerie Comer
CSFF Blog Tour
D. G. D. Davidson
Chris Deanne
Jeff Draper
April Erwin
Linda Gilmore
Beth Goddard
Marcus Goodyear
Andrea Graham
Jill Hart
Katie Hart
Sherrie Hibbs
Timothy Hicks
Christopher Hopper
Becca Johnson
Jason Joyner
Dawn King
Tina Kulesa
Mike Lynch
Karen McSpadden
Melissa Meeks
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Mirtika or Mir's Here
Eve Nielsen
John W. Otte
John Ottinger
Lyn Perry
Deena Peterson
Cheryl Russel
Ashley Rutherford
Hanna Sandvig
Chawna Schroeder
James Somers
Rachelle Sperling
Steve Trower
Speculative Faith
Robert Treskillard
Jason Waguespac
Daniel I. Weaver
Laura Williams
Timothy Wise

Wanna buy the novels and the cd? Here ya go:


Pixy said...

Hey MIr!

Thanks so much for all your kind words on my blog over the past few weeks. It's greatly appreciated!

I'm excited about this tour. I absolutely love Lawhead's work. He's a voice in the CFS market that will ring for a very long time to come.

chrisd said...

I was pleasantly surprised when I read Scarlet. Very surprised.