Friday, November 23, 2007

Christian Author Jeffrey Overstreet Responds to Pullman's HIS DARK MATERIALS

“I’m trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief.”
--Philip Pullman, describing his fantasy trilogy to The Washington Post in 2001.

Thinking Christian "strongly" recommends Jeffrey Overstreet's (AURALIA'S COLORS)blog entry: "THE GOLDEN COMPASS: Questions I've Been Asked--Answers I've given."

I also strongly recommend it. It's a balanced series of posts, with negatives and positives, even wondering how much responsibility we, The Church, should take for Pullman's negative views. I liked his discussion on the "straw God" Pullman has set up.

Some quotes:

In a time when the slightest question about Islam sets off a wave of anger about political incorrectness, it’s amazing how Pullman is celebrated for openly, aggressively, and ignorantly slandering Christianity. In a time when you can get in trouble for praying in school, or for showing religious intolerance, isn’t it interesting that no one has questioned the presence of these books in school libraries since Pullman started saying these things back in 1995?

If we respond with wrath, condemnation, and protest, we play right into Pullman’s naive caricature of Christianity. I’m not saying we shouldn’t point out where he is wrong. His story is deeply flawed, and his religious bigotry is shameful. We should not ignore that. But we also should not ignore the excellence of his artistry. And should speak the truth in love, as Christ commands us. We should respond with truth and grace.

I also recommend we pray for Mr. Pullman's radical conversion. He's on my list, right there with Dawkins. After all, the same God Clive Staples--whose Narnia Pullman finds repulsive--once rejected, is the same God Mr. Lewis eventually raised up among readers throughout the world.

May the Hound of Heaven run swiftly and tirelessly...

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