Monday, November 19, 2007

Art Bonanza in Mail Today!

Whoa! The mail carrier just brought me loads of goodies. I got one book (a Ron Hansen book of essays) and lots of artsy stuff, including:

1. Several prints of Melanie Weidner's spiritually uplifting art
2. My glossy print of Hanna's painting of Selah
3. My bookmarks and free prints (one that was owed to me, one that came free with this purchase) from Sara Butcher

Me so happy!

I plan to have a longer blog post this week on Melanie's art, including some images of the prints I purchased (I have her permission to post those). And I also will be giving away a print of one of her pieces that anyone who is a storyteller would enjoy. So, keep an eye out for that post and the giveaway.

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