Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Winners in my Book Giveaways

Yes, yes, I'm late in selecting and posting. The Mir still is not feeling her normal self, hence the minimal blogging.

But, I finally did the cut-strips, put names, pick random winner thingie, and here they are:

For the SUSHI FOR ONE? giveaway:

Linda Schab
Linda, you didn't put an email, so you need to leave a comment here with your email (disguised in the usual ways to prevent spambots from nabbing you). If I don't hear from you by Thursday, Oct 11, I'll choose another winner in this category. I need to have the winner's name in to the author by Friday, so it's imperative you give me your personal contact info ASAP.

For the AUSTIN BOYD or CSF giveaway:

Matt Mikalatos

Edited to Add: As of Wednesday, noon, I still have not heard from Linda.
Matt, your book is on its way as I type.


Lynda Schab said...

I'm so glad you found me and let me in on this great news! Can't wait to receive Camy's book. Thanks so much!

UKSteve said...

Hey Mir, you been quiet for a while again. Hope all's ok. :)