Friday, October 26, 2007

When Real Life Is Like Good Fiction

We try to get fiction to be like real life, only more interesting and cohesive. What we long for in real life--safety, tranquility, health, a love that sails smoothly forever--don't make for great fiction. Terrific fiction needs surprises, discord, eccentricity, and tragedy, even.

Sometimes, a blog post about real life is like reading a very cool story.

Here is one. Go read it. You'll love it! And I felt so warm in my heart for people I'll never meet.

Thanks Michelle. Whatever you write to publish, make it have this sort of life and humor in it, and an editor will snap it up but fast!



Michelle Pendergrass said...

You have totally flattered me and between you, Jeanne, and Heather, I'm inspired to switch my Nano focus.

I love these people and we have so much fun with them.

What I love best is they are who they are. No more, no less--and they'll tell you just that. LOL

lelia rose foreman said...

It was fun reading.
You are probably too sick and busy, but my christian critique group after 13 years fell apart from moves and job changes etc, and so I need to find some online critiquers. Would you be willing to exchange ms?

Mirtika said...

Lelia, I'm really sorry your critique group went kaput. That had to be unsettling. I'm afraid that my limited energy (even now, feeling better) has kept me from even properly critquing my friends' stuff and from doing my editing work. (Selena has been very kind not to smack me upside the head about that.)

However, can I encourage you to visit the ACFW forum and see what the SFers there can do? Some of them have critique groups for Christian SF writers. And ACFW has critique groups you can join with mentors and everything. Also, please visit ChristianWriters.Com. They've got critiquing resources, too. Lastly, visit, the forum there, and maybe they have critiquing resources. I haven't been there lately, but some of the CSF crowd hangs there.

Sorry that I couldn't team up. Hate to let a fellow SFer down.


Lelia Rose Foreman said...

Hey, no problem. I thought it a long shot.