Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I AM LEGEND Trailer Disappoints

Yep. The trailer bored me. How pathetic is that?

Let me say that as a kid, I really liked THE OMEGA MAN. Loved me Charlton Heston kissing up Rosalind Cash. (Gave dusky-skinned, frizzled hair gals like me hope that we, too, could inspire raging desire in the bosom of a Ben-Hurian, Mosaic hero.)

Saw the flick again as a grown-up and found the baddies rather campy. Still dug Heston and Cash. Heston's chesty muscles alone could repopulate a continent with manly men and swoony women.

Enter Will Smith. A multi-talented man who is mighty easy on the eyes of this female. Nice choice. He does action great. He does drama great. He does comedy great (not that I imagine comedic moments being numerous in I AM LEGEND.) A classic post-apocalyptic tale, romance, power in the blood, mutant enemies... and all that added up to a boring trailer. How can that be?

Ah, well. Watch it and see.



Suzan Robertson said...

Hopefully the movie will be better.....

SolShine7 said...

I, on the other hand, enjoyed the trailer and can't wait to see the movie. But everyone has their own tastes.

Matt Mikalatos said...

I just assumed that this was the first in a series of trailers. You know, "Everyone. This is to announce that Will Smith is doing a fun action movie. Sci-fi. Bridges will blow up. Remember 'Independence Day'? That's right. It's that kind of movie."

Then the next trailer will show some plot. Will Smith driving his fancy car to escape some vampirish mutant creatures, that sort of thing.

I'm excited but trying not to get my hopes too high.