Friday, October 26, 2007

Creative Christian Fiction Promotion &
How Would YOU Promote Your Book

I just read an article about Allie Pleiter--Christian fiction author--and her research and promotion activities. I thought this was interesting, (emphasis mine)and it's certainly not anything *I* would have thought up, given I am not a craftsy person:

Pleiter will introduce "The Perfect Blend" at the second annual Live Audiobook Knit-In at 7 p.m. today at the coffee bar/yarn store Knitche, 5150 Main St., Downers Grove.

Guests can work on knitting projects (and, of course, drink coffee) while Pleiter reads from the book. The event also will include a short presentation by Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters about fair trade.

The Live Audiobook Knit-Ins first were offered last year to introduce "My So-Called Love Life," Pleiter's seventh book. Both the author and that book's heroine share a common passion for knitting, so it seemed a natural fit.

Even though "The Perfect Blend" doesn't include anything about knitting, the events were so popular that store owners invited Pleiter back.

A knit in. Whoa. People still knit?

That's pretty cool. My mom used to. I have no idea how to.

I think my novel (should the Lord grant it be published) will require an energetic Latin-Dance-in (to get the blood flowing to the brain), followed by an eat-in during which I try to read out loud with a Cuban bocadito sandwich stuffed in my mouth, capped by a 20-minute nap-in, with the provision of promotional fluffy pillows that flaunt the book's artwork on the pillow covers.

Then an extended diet-in begins the next day, when I email all attendees low-cal cookie and sandwich recipes for my next event: the Nouveau Miami Tea-In. Doily hats are de rigeur.

Once we're all thin and pale, we'll have the Goth-In, where we get to wear black leather, lace, and humongous silver crosses (I own three!), sport "Midnight Madness" nail polish and blood red lipstick, while I read the moodier parts of the story as everyone sips black coffee laced with some dark chocolate liquer.

Then I guess we create snarky, broody reviews to post to online bookseller sites.

Gosh I'm tired and I haven't toured yet.

What's your promotional fancy?

No, really. If you had your novel all ready to sell, out there, gorgeous cover, blurbs, flyers, bookmarks, etc. In an ideal world where you have lots of energy and lots of moolah for promotional events, what would YOU like to do that's uniquely YOU?

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Heather said...

First of all, I knit. I've actually just started getting ideas for some fun, quirky scarves and wraps. We'll see how they come out.
Promotional stuff? It depends on which book. For my book set in Guatemala about a woman fighting a sweatshop factory, I want to do some sort of event that would raise money for International Justice Mission--with Latino music, Guatemalan coffee, and maybe some Mayan blankets and musical instruments and dolls for silent auction.
For my book about the single mom, let's see, well, it's set in NJ, so I'd go back home for it. I'd definitely provide free babysitting so that single moms could come...I'd have to think more about this one.