Friday, October 19, 2007

Coming Out of the Haze

Looks like I'm starting to feel better. I was actually able to mop my kitchen floor yesterday. This is a good sign.

Today, I'm going to see if I can read. I got a book for promotinal purposes--and I'll be posting next week. I need to be ABLE to read it.

I know, that sound odds, but I haven't been able to read a novel without an exceedingly massive effort since, well, do the blog math. Focusing, concentrating, that whisked away "lost in it" thing--these have eluded me. I've had to stick with nonfiction that I can read in short spurts. I have barely been able to write anything creative. I couldn't edit worth a dang.

I did get to a few MINDFLIGHTS submissions this week, but tired quickly. And I don't mean tired sarcastically. I mean actually got brain tired.

A wonky liver and endocrine system plus family issues make for major suckage. Plus, a touch of depression from the body being off balance and the emotions in a bit of turmoil. Thankfully, the Big Blues stayed away. This was a chamber music version of the blues, and not the major symphonic one.

So, I hope you missed me. A little.

Trying to get back on this bloggy horse feels weird...

Anyone have terrific news I missed? Do clue me in. Link me to your news or something.

Next week brings a new CSFF Blog Tour. Soon, many of you will be NaNoing away (what, two weeks away?)

On the plus side: I've lost like 14 pounds. Some went off in a not altogether pleasurable manner (ie, I got some nasty, short-lived virus.) Oh, and I have a new pic of hubby. Since his face makes me happy, maybe it'll make you feel good, too. Voila:

He's so hot he makes me get all woozy. (No, that's not the stomach bug.)

I also got him some Halloween Art from Len of MonsterByMail.Com, titled "Count Chuckula, the TechnoMaster Vampire of Miami":

On the brain-stimulation, spirit-nourishing front, I just pre-ordered this baby:

Amazon has it at a nice, reduced price and if you pre-order it now, you get an additional 5% off.

I also ordered these:

I'd gone through a really apathetic state, hardly able to read the Word. Now, I'm like a woman crazed with thirst. I'll take thirst over the apathy any day!

The Mir is (kinda) back.

Lemme see about getting myself re-oriented.


Selena said...

Yeah! You're back.

I missed you.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Heather said...

glad you're back and feeling better.
your husband looks like the perfect hero for a fantasy! inspiration?
and those bock commentaries are excellent! he was one of my profs at seminary and works closely with the ministry my husband works for ( about a cool collection of free resources).

Mirtika said...

Hiya, gals!

Had a family party yesterday, so didn't see this (niece turned 9, dang they grow fast).

The reviews I read on the bock commentaries were encouraging. I don't believe I have any by him, although his name struck me as really, really familiar.


carmen said...

welcome back!!! I was getting worried and said some prayers. it's good to hear (read) your voice again!