Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour: Rogers' BARK OF THE BOG OWL

Rogers takes biblical fiction to a new level in an imaginative fantasy rendition of the story of King David that both enchants and entertains.
Publishers Weekly

The blog tour this month sets it's many eyes and blogs on the first of the WILDERKING TRILOGY by Jonathan Rogers, THE BARK OF THE BOG OWL.

I haven't read the books (they are tagged for ages 9-12 or so), but I've heard much praise for them, notably from my pal Sally Apokedak, winner of this year's GENESIS CONTEST in the SF category (and finalist in the Y/A category). Read Sally's interview of Mr. Rogers.

What I want to know is how should I pronounce WILDERKING as in "Wilder King" or does the "wilder" sound like the last two syllables of "bewilder?" Can someone tell me? I really have wondered.

If you want a taste of the "voice," here's a snippet I (shamelessly) sto--er, borrowed from Eve N's blog:

"I don't want no civilizers around my boy!" Mrs. Turtlebane repeated. Then she broke into a greenish grin. "But for them what saves his life, I can make an exception."

She went to work on the vines that bound his feet. When she had gotten him free, Mrs. Turtlebane fell on Aidan with a hug so fierce it nearly squeezed the breath out of him.

The terrible she-feechie was now sobbing. "Hawww, hawww, hawww! You saved my Dobro. Hawww, hawww, hawww. Bless your head and liver. You rescued my sweet Maypop from that bad old panther."

I have to admit. I LIKE that. I may need to read this "kid's" book, after all.

Anyway, drop by the CSFF Blog Tour site for the list of those who blogged about it this month.

If you want a chance to win a copy, rush over to Deena's blog and enter. She's gonna pick a winner by 10/31.

If you want to purchase the books, here ya go:


Eve said...

Yuou HAVE to read this book!!! It was AWESOME-really. My hubby, who doesn't get fantasy in the best of times, snuck into the hallway to listen as I read a chapter a night to the kidlets. Too funny.

That quote made my kids roar in laughter-they made me repeat it again and again.

sally apokedak said...

Eve, you got away with reading one chapter a night?! Wow. My kids would give me no rest until I'd read at least five chapters a night and my voice was too hoarse to keep going.

Interesting question on the pronunciation, Mir. I've always pronounced wilderking with a short i in front. Like "will der king."

But now that you ask.... this is going to bug me. Thanks a lot!

Mirtika said...

That's how I say it in my head, too, Sally: Will Der

Only Jonathan can clear this up. :D