Monday, October 29, 2007

Christian Fantasy: "Small, But Growing"

Read Chip Mac's interview with Dave Horton (Bethany House Publishers), where I noticed THIS, emphasis mine:

You've been in the industry since, um, the Harding Administration, I think. What changes do you see going on in Christian fiction these days? And is there anything about the future you can tell us about?

"Yeah, me and Warren G go way back. One change I've noticed is that the Christian fiction 'box' has expanded a great deal, especially in the past ten years. Make no mistake about it, we're not generally 'outside the box' yet, but in terms of genres (or sub-genres), time periods, settings, character types, subject matter in general, and writing quality, things have changed considerably. Christian fiction is harder to define (or completely dismiss), its realitic intended audience is broader, and the number of writers being published successfully has increased dramatically. Recent encouraging signs: Fantasy fiction has a small but growing audience, historical fiction no longer has to be deadly serious, and wildly imaginative work is making inroads where once it was completely marginalized.

I hope within a year or two that "small, but growing" is "huge and astoundingly avid."

I'm a dreamer!

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