Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Bad Sushi" by Cherie Priest,
"Hello Cthulhu" & More CfC Eps

Was dipping into Apex #10 and read "Bad Sushi."

Okay, the titles sucks. But I liked this short take on Cthulhu with its rising suspense. The dread Old One is not mentioned by name, but come on. Tentacles. Under the Sea. Eats your soul. Eye on world domination and destruction of humanity? Who else can this be?

Nice to read an elderly character (in this case, a 78 year old man born in Japan) who is not afraid to kick ancient bu--er, squooshy appendage.

Well written, creepy, a minority protagonist of advanced age, and some interesting connections between past and present. Thumbs up.

If you like Chthulhu-ish silliness, enjoy HELLO CTHULHU I did.

Oh, and if you missed the more recent uploads in comedic puppet series called CALLS FOR CTHULHU, go catch them now. Find out what Cthulhu's bedding is made of and which is his favorite "Old One" in episode 6. (Oh, this one has a 40 second or so preamble, so be patient.) Xenu shows up.

In episode 7, you'll notice that the names of the Old Ones--such as Shub-Niggurath and Yog-Sothoth--just aren't suited to the Name Game. And Xenu, the Supreme Leader of the Galactic Confederacy, returns. Also, you find out what prize you get if you survive the first wave of Cthulhic devastation and what beverage goes best with tasty human souls. And Cthulhu's mom and dad call into the show.

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