Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Apex Halloween Raffle Closes in Hours!

I only just found out about the APEX DIGEST Halloween Raffle. (I don't really DO Halloween, but I DO books!)

The selection of items that you can buy "raffle tickets" for is pretty interesting. For those of you who write short fiction of the horror/fantasy/science fiction sort--Joshie, you reading?--you really want to look at the critiques by authors/editors that are available.

I have no short fiction I'm working on at the moment, but even I couldn't resist on bidding for a critique by Nancy Fulda of BAEN'S UNIVERSE. Several APEX DIGEST editors are offering in-depth critiques of short fiction (length limits range up to 10K). For a buck a bid, not a bad thing, especially since the items are donated and the proceeds to go a good cause, one we readers and writers can get behind: The National Center for Family Literacy.

I also bid on books signed by Ray Bradbury and Orson Scott Card, and a copyedited manuscript of TITAN by Ben Bova. It's the "copyedited" part that got me interested. :) I also bid on one piece of original art and one print of fantasy art.

I repeat: Each bid is one buck.


Let me know what you bid on, especially if you went for any of the stuff *I* bid, you competitive nemesis, you.

Happy Halloween Bidding!

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