Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What CBA Editors & Agents Want & Misc
Post-ACFW Conference Blog-Chatter

Over at Praise, Prayers, and Observations blog, Jessy has posted entries that serves as quick snapshots of what each editor and agent who sat on the ACFW panel sessions said they were looking for from writers.

Chip MacGregor gushed over the conference:
Probably the best conference I've ever been to in terms of content. I saw more publishable manuscripts than I've ever seen at a writing conference. The team of people who put this together are to be commended for creating such a strong gathering of writers.

I recommend you visit Chip's blog to see his equation, the one that lets you know if you're ready to do writing full-time. Math for writers!

If you get the conference sessions on audio, be sure you listen to this person if it's available: Margie Lawson. I've been hearing a buzz about how good her session was, including this from Brandilyn Collins:

I met a new great friend at the conference. Teacher Margie Lawson wowed her students in the early bird session with her unique characterizing and editing techniques. Keynote speaker Jim Bell sat in her class and was quite impressed--and he knows a few things about characterization himself. Margie is a psychologist and uses much of that knowledge in her ways of characterizing.

If you google up the conference, you'll maybe find notes from attendees on what tips they picked up or what market news they took note of.

To all who went, oh, I wish I could have gone. To all who won in their categories, congratulations. To all who got requests, blessings on your proposals. To all who didn't get requests, triple blessings of encouragement and hope and persistence. To all who signed agents: HURRAH! To all who didn't sign agents: Keep trying and don't give up. Ever.

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