Monday, September 24, 2007

SF/F Genesis Winners!

I've been feeling really out of sorts. Good news is welcome. So, some good news...

Here are the winners in the SF/F category for the 2007 Genesis Contest of the ACFW:

1st place: Sally A. Apokedak, The Kisses of an Enemy
2nd place: Chris Mikesell, Revival
3rd place: Rebecca Grabill, Out of Darkness

I have to admit, I thought Chris would take it. A lone male voice among a sea of lovely ladies, and what with his particular brand of humor, etc. I figured it'd give him the edge, make him stand out. (Okay, so Chris naturally stands out. He won the DKA fiction contest both years it ran.)

Still, I think Chris will forgive me if I admit I'm DELIGHTED that my pal Sally won. Sally has worked so so so so hard, and she's had a year of great difficulty. I hope this result is not just a balm to the pain, but the first step to a career of many publications. Sally, I'm so happy for you! I remember emailing you after readin the first few chapters and saying, "I think this one is going to do it for you." And hey, lookee! First place! (Also, she ranked in the Young Adult category. Way to go!)

I hope in the very near future that you'll be holding in your wee hands your first published novel. I send you cybersmoochies.

Hey, it couldn't go wrong, really, not for me as an observer. All the finalists are people I like or, okay, love. So, no matter who won, I was going to get my portion of joy. But Sally's win just feels so right today, so uplifting. And I want to celebrate, bloggy style.

Hugs to Chris, Rebecca, Shannon, and Valerie. Long may you create.



Valerie Comer said...

Congrats to Sally, Chris and Rebecca. Thanks for the mention, Mir! And I'm glad you're back at it. I was wondering about you, too.

Chris said...

Thanks Mir and Val.

Also super happy for Sally. Congrats!

The win would have been nice, but with two others in my editing group also placing in their categories, Second is fine by me. Plus, no speechifying was required.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

And you chose the pic I liked and that was "you." DUDE, YOU ROCK!

Mir<--starting to come out of the black hole, just need another week of good sleep, I think, and no more new stressors

Shannon said...

Chris, I hear you on the speechifying. :-) I actually breathed a sigh of relief to not have to walk up there!

I also had Chris pegged to win. He's kind of like The Mir in that: "Chris will win. Chris wins everything." :-) :-) :-) When they named him as 2nd place, then I whispered, "Sally." Anyone who can double-final is a consistently good writer and deserves the win. (And of course I'm beyond thrilled that Rebecca placed out ahead of me, because she's a crit partner and such an amazingly stellar writer ... I adore this particular story of hers.)

sally apokedak said...

heh heh, I must admit, I thought Chris would come out ahead of me, also. He's just so darned funny. And then I had heard that Rebecca's entry was super strong and I'd also heard good things about Valerie's and Shannon's work.

I had no confidence at all that I'd even place.

Great fun, though. Now I'm looking forward to getting my scoring sheets back so I can read the editor's comments.