Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Original Art for Mir: Tormented Female Novelist Alien at South Beach Cafe

You can tell how I was feeling when I commissioned this. Snarf.

I'm not blonde and I don't drink martinis, but I do love laptops and outdoor cafes with an ocean view.

Enjoy the video of the making of "Tormented Female Novelist Alien at South Beach Cafe."


Anonymous said...

No, you're not a hack. You are just slow. Very slow. At least slow in regard to writing.

When will you finish the book, Mir? Must I sit and ponder this question for yet another year? Please don't make me write an ode to slowpoke writers. It won't be pretty.

Mirtika said...

Write the ode. Make it funny.

Oh, and this is a new project. Started a few months back. Not the last year one. Stop with the looks there. I see you.


Eve said...

Maybe we're all hacks...and some just pull it off better than others, lol.

I know the feeling. Ignore it. Replace it with this mantra: I must write another 2,000 words....