Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Like Romance, Chick Lit, Christian Fiction? Here' s a Giveaway for YOU!

Here you go. How you can get a copy of SUSHI FOR ONE? at no cost to you.

1. You need to live in the US, the lower 48. I'm cheap about shipping costs, sorry. Plus, disclaimer on my sidebar's been there nearly a year.

2. Leave a comment under this post with your email DISGUISED (I don't want you spammed.) So, something like JohnDoe atsy Gmail dotsdots com

3. If you want to get an extra entry (two shots for one comment!) tell me which of the numbered reasons in my review below is the one that most makes you wanna read SUSHI FOR ONE? If your reasons is none of those, hey, let me know why you're interested. I think both Camy and I would love to know.

4. That's it. I'll pick a name at random and you'll get a free book.

I'll pick a winner next Wednesday and announce it.

Now, don't leave me hanging. ENTER TODAY!


Karen said...

I have read some really great reviews of Camy's book and I would love to enter to win a copy. I am going to pick reason #5 as my favorite of the reasons listed as to why I want to read this book. Through these interviews and snippets, I already feel like I am going to adore Lex. Have a great day!

kpuleski [at] gmail [dot] com

Lynda Schab said...

I would love, love, love to win a copy of Sushi for One. Since I'm writing a Mom Lit at the moment, any chick/mom/hen lit I can get my hands on (especially for free!) makes me giddy. Reason #1 hits me the hardest. I am thrilled to see characters who are flawed, don't fit stereotype and not necessarily role-model material. I've heard so much about Camy and would love the chance to read her debut novel.