Saturday, September 29, 2007

J Mark Bertrand and Our Becky M:
Worldview, Writing, and Culture

J Mark, over at Rethinking Worldview, had a post yesterday where he mentions and links to the CSF's community's champion extraordinaire, Becky Miller.

JM's always worth reading, and certainly this post is no different:

When we think of the way culture influences us, too often we assign malign motives to the process. The fact is, some of the most influential people aren't attempting, first and foremost, to corrupt your thinking. They just believe in what they're doing and try to do it as best they can. The resulting influence--for better or worse -- is a by-product of that effort.

As a Christian, I want two things. First, to be aware of the shaping influence of culture in my own life, so that I can live more deliberately. I'm a consumer of culture -- there's no getting around that -- but I want to be a conscious consumer, and a critical one at that. Second, to make a positive, truthful contribution to the culture so that whatever influence I have is for the good.

Drop by and read the whole post. Then let's affect our culture through well-written, heartfelt stories from our Christian worldview.

(And I love that pic of JM. Looks good!)

Oh, and if you haven't pre-ordered it already--I have!--get thee swiftly to amazon to purchase JM's nonfiction book, soon to be released (and maybe some other worldview books of note):

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