Sunday, September 02, 2007

Get Your Original Humorous Alien Art!

Monster by Mail is at it again. Zombies are so early summer. Now, it is time for...ALIENS TO ATTACK!!!!

And yes, I decided to reward myself for my total weight loss so far (ie. 8.5 pounds) by ordering me up another bit of kooky art.

Hit the link above and you'll see the current list. I'm the one as follows:

Tormented Female Novelist Alien at South Beach Cafe

I'll let you know when the video is up at YouTube, the way my Botticelli's Birth of Venus Zombie was. And as soon as I get an image sent to me, I'll post it.

Oh, and my Zombie Venus is the featured image in the A Little About Monster By Mail post.

Maybe someone you love would enjoy an original alien bit of art named by you and created by Monster by Mail? Ooooh, yeah. Let's see, for Sharon Hinck, a Soccer Mom Alien Author Goes on a Book Tour. How's that? What would your alien art be named, even if you don't order it. Comment away!

Bonus! See some of the alien artwork already uploaded:

Vampireanarchy Alien
iXenu, Supreme Ruler of Planet Mac
Attack of the Alien Octopuses from Octotopia

Such calorie-less, SF-ey, artsy fun!

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