Monday, September 10, 2007

Double Dinosaur Surprise!

Yes, two surprises.

The first: One is never too old to fall into the dino-craze.

I went to see the newest exhibit at the Miami Museum of Science on Saturday: The Dinosaurs of China. (Above pic)

This is a small, modest museum. A little toe compared to, say, the Natural History one in New York City. And it has a warm spot in my heart, cause I used to hang there in the early 80's (they have an observatory and I was a total sky geek), and my hubby taught there in the mid-80's (computers for kids).

But tiny, modest space and budget aside, this exhibit was just fabulous. It's all about the beasts. All about the bones.

It was like gazing upon fabulous bone art. I'm not joking. I, for the very first time in my life, experienced a touch of dinosaurophilia. Several rooms with a Chinese ambiance guide your through various types of big beasties, mostly herbivores (but, man, were they enormous). One "rex-ie" with big, big teeth. And seeing the spine of the stegosaurs was a treat. They were my faves as a kid.

I just stared and stared at the assemblage. One, an 85 foot long Mamenchisaurus--my total fave in the exhibit-- was like a fossil roller coaster ride. The pleasure of seeing it! Oh, lawdy. The way the neck and tail and spine bones curved was sheer, glorious perfection. The lighting made the shadow fall just so on the black high wall. Nifty silhouetting. (That's one example of a Mamechisaurus on the left, but not the museum I went to. I think the one at our little museum was more gracefully, artfully arranged to maximize the beauty of the curves.)

And the thigh and leg bones. And the claws. EGADS. I wouldn't want to run into one of those, especially not if I smelled all herby and edible. ; )

Surprise number two: A scientific one in this article whose link I got from the Claw Man.

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