Monday, August 27, 2007

Yeah! I Want $$$ To Lose Weight!

Gianluca Buonanno, the mayor of Varallo, a town of 7,500 in northern Italy, wanted to lose some weight. In the process of losing weight, he came up with the idea of motivating his town's citizens to lose weight with a little cash incentive!!!!

I'll vote for the presidential candidate who will put a cash-for-pounds incentive on the platform. Why not? I've tried to vote for idealistic reasons. Now, I want MONEY like everyone else who casts a ballot for those who'll give them a piece of the budgetary pie. Screw idealism. Bring on the entitlements! Gimme!

(Just kidding. I remain with ideals mostly intact. And fat. Though I did lose four pounds last week. How much was that worth, I wonder, in lira?)

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