Thursday, August 16, 2007

Who Needs Network TV? Not Me!

With USA Channel becoming the fave in my household--what with the continually fun MONK, the superyummy PSYCHE (those two guys have more chemistry than most couples on the silver screen!), and the new and uberfaboo and snazzy BURN NOTICE.

TNT is making some good grades with THE CLOSER and SAVING GRACE (both notable for the female lead characters who are interesting and, importantly, played by actresses who can really, really ACT), and Sci-Fi Channel giving me DOCTOR WHO and EUREKA, well, who needs the old dinosaurs of original Networks?

(However, this past week we saw two shows, one SAVING GRACE, where some angelic being says, basically, you can believe in any God or god or religion or chant or whatever and it's okay, you get to heaven. Yeah. Right. P/C television theology.)

What do I bother watching on Network TV? Not a whole lot.

Barring the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episodes with D'Onofrio (fewer these days) and HOUSE (with my boy Hugh), I don't much visit the old, once-mighty networks. Well, okay, I'll check in with HEROES come the fall, and we do watch AMERICAN IDOL when it's on. But mostly, when hubby comes home from work and it's time for our couples tv viewing time, we click over to the forties (on our Comcast, ie USA and TNT are 45 and 42) or it's in the sixties (TOP CHEF on Bravo and Sci-Fi for DH and EUREKA).

But the Sci-Fi Channel has been sucking eggs of late. Why does someone not put PAINKILLER JANE out of her misery? Please! To give them their props, I say HOORAY for their cancellation of the dreckfest called THE DRESDEN FILES. (Read the novels. Forget the show. Trust me.) And please stop with the giant creature movie of the month. BASILISK alone is a solid reason for executing all your programming executives without mercy. And MINOTAUR. And ____________ (insert giant or mythic critter schlocky movie name here.)

BBC-America has been lackluster lately, too. They used to be one of my must-watch stations, with terrific Brit-mysteries and dramas, but the stuff they've had on lately--Hex, Robin Hood, Hollyoaks, and tiresome repetitions of COUPLING (which were great the first two or three times, yeah, but...)

Bleh. They need to get LIFE ON MARS back very soon so I don't forget they exist, and also some new WIRE IN THE BLOOD programs. Or Colin Regency wear. Or Dawn and French spoofing Hex. Something!

Even A&E, which used to be so delightful is, well, easy to ignore now. They desperately need some fresh documentaries and mysteries or something.

So, what channels make you happy lately? Which ones went downhill? Do you even watch TV when dvds and online entertainment is so accessible?


Heather said...

Eureka was my first endeavor into sci-fi. Man, I love that show. I think I love it because you've got the main character saying what all of us non-sci-fi people want to say. "Why don't you just call it a death-ray?"
And, see, I'm on my first and second viewings of Coupling right now, so we're still at the point where we have to pause because we're laughing so hard.
And then there's Survivorman, which is not to be confused with Survivor. Or with Man v. Wild, the fake.
Turner Classic Movies has some good stuff, especially around Oscars time. Discovery channel, which my husband would watch nonstop if he didn't have to go to watch (with a break for Psyche, Burn Notice, Eureka, and maybe a few others - are you two related?).
But I need my network for Lost. Yes, I know it's no good anymore, but what can I say? I'm hooked.

Mirtika said...

The sheriff is a wonderful anchoring character, because he is the non-weirdo-genius guy. He's just a good, smart but not genius, man who loves his kid and is not perfect.

And the running gag of him renaming the weird gadgets is hilarious to me. I always wait for that. Like when Henry turns to him and gives him the layman's version of the scientific verbiage.

Hubby and I watched the first two episodes of lost and, well, that was it. We just didn't stick with it.


Elliot said...

I haven't had cable for years. I just watch things on DVD.