Thursday, August 16, 2007

SF Gospel on the Solaris Book of SF

Excellent post by G. McKee over at SF GOSPEL as he reviews some of the stories in THE SOLARIS BOOK OF NEW SCIENCE FICTION.
That's a volume I've put in and deleted from my amazon shopping cart several times. I've wanted to read the godPod story for a while now, and it intrigues me that I'd heard it had many stories dealing with faith/religion. But I figured it would deal with them in a way sure to make me blow steam out of my ears, so I vacillated.

Still, the review makes me want to get a copy. If I hadn't just binged at the Yale Sale thanks to Elliot's link, I might do so now.

Maybe if I wait till next year, I can get it used for five bucks, used. :)

His remarks on "Last Contact," though, well, I may need to shopping cart it yet again.

Anyway, do drop by SF Gospel. It's a terrific site with a very smart postmeister. (Even if I think he's too rough on the megachurches. It's just to easy to diss them, you know. Almost cliche.)

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Elliot said...

But it's so much FUN to diss them... ;-)