Friday, August 17, 2007


I am really, really thrilled to report good news from Sharon Hinck's newsletter, which I doubt she'd mind my sharing here:

Sold out!My recent novel, The Restorer, sold out its first print run in less than three months and is going into the next printing. Industry analysts say Christian Fiction continues to be a growth area, as does Fantasy. The Washington Post 7/18/07 wrote: “Christian fantasy, which had been a slow seller, has caught fire recently, industry analysts say, ignited by the success of the Potter series, which has sent some Christian readers looking for alternatives.”

I'm looking forward to the second book in the trilogy, and I hope if you haven't given THE RESTORER a try, especially if you like Christian women's fiction--which is a core audience for this type of fantasy--that you'll give it a try.

Why not drop by Sharon's blog and congratulate her. For a CBA fantasy novel to sell out its first printing that fast, well, that's something to celebrate. It cheers me no end. And we know Sharon put a lot of work into promotion and spreading the good work on SF as a genre in Christian publishing. So, good on you, Sister Sharon.

Here, use my portals to order your copy. And, hey, preorder the THE RESTORER'S SON!

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