Sunday, August 12, 2007

Quote for the Day: Science Fiction & Faith

Does science fiction have a tendency to make a Christian question his faith? I should hope so. If the Bible can be driven out of your head by Flash Gordon comics, it is only a faith built on sand, a faith that is not faith at all, but merely mental inertia, that cannot stand a little light rain.

Science fiction, even the worst most hackneyed space opera, has the effect of making you lift your eyes up from the newspaper headlines of your day-to-day life and looking at the horizon and realizing things might be different. Your children will not live their lives as your grandfathers lived theirs.

...I have nothing against questioning one's faith, if by this we mean thinking seriously and deeply about the issue. I am a convert: and I did not convert for light or frivolous reasons, but only after years of studying and pondering (and, frankly, a miracle). A man in my position theoretically has less to fear than a man born and raised in the faith, because I already know all the questions a skeptic might ask--I used to ask those very questions.

--John C. Wright, "The Role of Science Fiction in Questioning Faith"

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