Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mir's Review of GHOST RIDER

~Wish I had Eva Mendes' figure.
~Wish there'd been more of the overweight Goth-y gal who was flat-out hilarious in her two very small scenes.
~Some cool effects on the demons.
~Peter Fonda: totally awful as Mephistopheles.
~Actor who played Blackheart was cute, but they gave him lines that, well, I'm amazed he delivered with a straight face. Plus he looked familiar. (Ah, he was in THE FOUR FEATHERS.)
~A couple of amusing bits (the quirky interview scene at the stadium, for instance.)
~A lot of bad dialogue and predictable action. Did a 13 year old with Cliche Overuse Syndrome write this?
~Sam Elliot still has a voice that makes me think of hot men in the Old West (or, more specifically, hot men in a romance novel of the Old West.)
~Pacing? What pacing.
~Nicholas Cage was way too old for the part, had a terrible hairpiece, seemed to have been impersonating Elvis, must have thought he was in a parody film, and...is beyond weird. (Nice upper body and arms, though.)

Overall: Eh, pretty bad, but not utterly unwatchable due to likable Eva Mendes, cute Wes Bentley, listenable Sam Elliot, and the pure silliness of it all. It's easy to mock, so have an MST 3000 experience.

(You know, reviewing this review, it's pretty clear I'm ovulating. Hm. Happens.)

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