Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hurricane Flossie:
Pray for Safety of Hawaii

Hurricane Flossie, while not expected to directly hit the island of Hawaii, is gonna sideswipe it. That's the current and best scenario--that it'll weaken and not hit directly. But you never know with these crazy things. (See pic left, with the small island on top left and the big storm to the right. Shudder.)

It's Category 3 right now, and that's scary enough! (We lost parts of our house in a Category 1 to low 2 hurricane a couple years back, and it was a very frightening day, that, with howling winds and pieces tearing off. We also rode out another category one a year before that. And we heard Andrew's howling for hours back in '92. I hate hurricanes!)

Pray for the 160,000 folks on the island, who I hope will be safe and with their homes intact when this is past.

Also, pray for a calm hurricane season in all oceans, especially ours, Atlantic and Pacific. Amen!


Delia said...

That picture is scary! Everytime I see a picture on the news/online I have a moment where my mind says "that can't be real". It's just frightening.

Carmen Andres said...

mir, great minds think alike, heh. i just posted on hurricane's too--only i'm watchind Dean, the new storm in the atlantic that's likely to hit catagory 3 and hit the u.s. east coast as early as next tuesday. oiy. are your supplies up to date? i've got to run to the basement and check mine out.