Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hey, Order Prints of My Painting or Get Your Own Art Created for Christmas

(I've had this sitting in my post file since late July, so I thought I'd best post it now since we've had lots of chatter here and there about "art".)

Regulars of Mirathon know I commissioned original artwork from the oh-so-so talented Sara Butcher as a Christmas gift (from hubby to me) last year. It's called "Warrior's Guardian" and it has a huge angel watching over a dragon and a knight. (Yes, the elements from the ezine where I've edited since early 2006, DKA.)

I had her professionally matted and framed (the frame is gilt and has a pattern almost identical to the pattern on the angel's bodice), and she hangs here, in my office, watching over me as I write my fantasies. And she's beeeeyooooootiful. She makes me happy.

If you want to order prints, they are $10 (5x7), $15 (8.5x11), and $25 (11x17) for archival quality art prints (will last at least fifty years in their true color beauty). It's got a trinitarian motif. See for yourself: look at the flowers, the light circles, the elements, etc. Support a Christian speculative artist. Buy the prints!

A pal of mine, and FBI agent and totally gorgeous babe, saw mine and got one of her own commissioned. It's terrific (and suited to her profession). "Angelic Presence." This angel kicks evil hiney! And looks quite fetching while doing it, too.

And if you want to give your loved one a truly exquisite and unique Christmas gift (and have about 300 to 400 to splurge), why not commission original art? Sara even does portraits (you send a pic). A friend of mine (after seeing mine and my FBI pal's beauties) recommended Sara to a co-worker who'd lost her sister. The resulting painting (a tributed to the deceased) was a gem. The painting made the sister look luminous, vibrant, beautiful, magical, and the expression was so wise and warm. I was in tears.

She does children's portraits, too, for those who want to commemorate your kids as angels or magical beings of fantastical sorts.

(The gift that becomes an heirloom. Think about it.

I have no kids, so I gotta figure out who gets my paintings in my will. I have several original fantasy art pieces, from the large to the ACEO sized.)

And she does business cards. Looky mine at right:

Not inexpensive, but great for super-special occasions when you want something truly different and high-quality.

I'm big on supporting Christians in the arts. Oh, right, you know that. The image left is of my original watercolor called "Dream of Fairies", by Carmen Keys, a painting I purchased because the expression in the eyes reminded me strongly of my mom, who adored flowers and was a gardening enthusiast. You should see it in the gorgeous framing/matting I had done on it. Ravishing. (Not cheap! Ouch!)

Yes, I'm super-big on supporting CHRISTIAN FANTASISTS in the arts. I hope you'll join me, if your budget allows after you've given to the worthy causes we all should support globally and at special times (Christmas gifts through World Vision or Samaritan's Purse or Habitat for Humanity or etc.) The extra cash that is for pure beauty, that feeds light into the soul via color and composition, well, I recommend collecting art.

And I've recently commissioned art from Hanna Sandvig. Something inspired by my WIP. So, the budget keeps getting strained for art's sake. Hanna may still be taking commissions for some affordable art to your order. (If you like cheerful, anime-influenced, girl-spirited art, you might wanna go see Hanna's portfolio. The link's at her blog.)
Her "Meow" is below:

She's got some wonderful, playful stuff with more details, and some charming stuff with kids and critters, so please check her galleries.

Ooooh, RED!

Hug an artist this weekend. Or buy their stuff and keep them in watercolors and monitors and archival quality paper.

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