Friday, August 10, 2007

Guest Blogger for Spec Faith Friday

I think I've only had one guest blogger in all the time (a year and change) I've been posting weekly over at Speculative Faith. But, my energy level, a touch of burn-out, and my need to focus on writing right now, have led me to seek out nice peops to fill my Friday slot.

Today, Marcus Goodyear has the Friday seat with "Finding Faith in Secular Sci-Fi," his examination of the excellent and Hugo-awarded novel SPIN.

Jim Black will have some posts coming up, and Marcus may have some more as the weeks pass. If you would like a shot at a guest blog spot at Speculative Faith (read the articles, see if you have something that fits the "Christians Exploring Speculative Literature" tag), let me know. Email me at my AOL addy which is Mirathon at youknowwhere dotsy com. Make sure you put something in the header that's clear (so I don't delete you as spam), such as "I'd like to guestblog at Spec Faith" or somesuch.

I am especially keen on getting some of you Christian gals enthusiastic about fantasy and science fiction (and horror, if it's speculative) to volunteer. We used to have a female majority of bloggers when we started (only Stuart waved the flag for you he-types.) Now, it's reversed. We don't want to leave Becky alone over there for the XX team, do we?


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