Monday, August 20, 2007

Got Any Multicultural Urban Fantasy Short Fiction Ready to Send to an SF Magazine?

Well, heh, then consider if it's up to the level of Realms of Fantasy.

The Slushmaster had asked us readers what we'd like to see MORE of. I gave five "I'd like to see" things, including "Multicultural urban fantasy."

His response:

So more stuff like "Dead Man's Tale" by Billie Aul, but with a more varied selection of ethnicities? Hmm. Like sword & sorcery stories, I don't these too often in our slush. Urban fantasy, sure. But multicultural urban fantasy? Not to so much, I'm afraid. I will say this though. I'm currently reading the back issues to Realms of Fantasy for a multitude of reasons. The issue of multiculturalism in speculative literature isn't a new one, and it doesn't just concern Realms of Fantasy. So as I read these back issues I am making it a point to see how often we run multicultural stories. I'm not keeping a tally or anything, but I'm paying attention, because I am curious. So far I haven't seen any, BUT I've only finished two back issues. I must have more than sixty left still demanding my eyeballs' attention. So I'll be on the lookout for stories of these sorts, because you do raise an interesting point.

There ya go. If your story fits that, send it off. Maybe I'll get to read it.


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