Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A "Dean" I'll Never Warm Up To

In the Atlantic, tropical storm Dean is set to become a hurricane. (Of course, if we get big prayer behind it, I'm sure we can get God's hosts to shred that sucker down to one weenie cloud!) (My bloggy pal Carmen also has posted on Dean.)

August is always stressful down here in Miami and other hurricane-target regions. Things heat up. Things blow and churn and get ugly come August. I still have flashbacks of the traumatic sort to the years when it seemed we were perpetually on Hurricane Watch or Warning. Urp.

My back room still leaks from Wilma.

So, as the season gets into its whirlywindy way, please remember all the islands and states and nations at risk. I do not believe prayer is worthless. So, DIE, DEAN, DIE!!!! And all your skanky storm brethren and sisthren with thee!


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