Monday, August 13, 2007

Christian Fantasy Artists Addendum

After posting my post below about Christian SF art and artists I support--and hope you will, too--I happened upon Sci-Fi Catholic's post on Natalie Ewert.

Coincidentally, I own an ACEO of original fairy art by Natalie (CreatorNat on eBay). See it at left.

So, yes. There you go. Another artist you may enjoy.

Be sure to check out the angel/saints gallery and the Wonderland gallery--the Queen of Hearts is TERRIFIC. If you're a cat lover, check out the fantastical and whimsical cat art. And, naturally, don't miss the fantasy gallery at Ewert's site. Very cool stuff.

If you wanna plug a Christian SF artist, by all means, leave a comment and their website addy.


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