Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wayne T. Batson, one of the Fantasy 4, will be on Fox & Friends Friday 8:45 AM EST

I'm going to repost here what Wayne posted over at Speculative Faith. I only just read that entry now, so I'm a little behind some of y'all. Still, he's asked for prayer on his behalf, and I'd like for us all to raise him up and support him spiritually.

Here's Wayne's report (the link is my insertion):

You might be looking at the calendar and thinking, "Oh, the Fantasy Fiction Tour Wayne is on is over." Well, that's what I thought. God {who is in the habit of doing so} had other ideas.

The first thing is: on the FRONT page of Today's (Wednesday) Washington Post, there is an article about Christian Fantasy, focusing quite a bit on my work with The Door Within and Isle of Swords.

Here's the link if you'd like to read the article online:

( Christian Fantasy Genre Builds Niche Without Hogwarts, Muggles, or Spells }

Then, my agent, Gregg Wooding, calls in the middle of our last Tour Signing at the Timeless Treasures Store in downtown Manhattan. "Wayne, you might want to sit down," he says.

"I saw it, Gregg," I say, misunderstanding him. "The Washington Post put the Christian Fantasy article on the front page—my book Isle of Swords, right there on the front page."

He pauses, "Uh, yes, that was great, but there's more."

Stunned silence.

"Fox News just called. They want you to stay in New York so that they can have you as a guest on Fox and Friends, Friday morning 6:45 am."

More stunned silence, punctuated by rapid heart rate and shortness of breath.

This is real. God is making me into one of the small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains. It's happening. Adventures are funny things...they may appear down a seldom trodden path or even arrive with...a phone call. But they always begin with the unexpected.

So, my friends and family, for those of you who pray, I ask you for this:

Emergency Prayer Request

Please pray that I would speak the words God wants me to speak. Please pray that I could be a spokesperson for God's agenda and not my own. Please pray that I do not develop lockjaw, strep, or some other such thing. ;-)

Funny thing: I'm sitting here now, in a little business lounge high in the skyscraping Hotel Pennsylvania deep in the heart of New York City. I'm now committed to being apart from my family for another two days. I miss my wife and my children. My Tourmates, Christopher Hopper, Bryan Davis, and Sharon Hinck have all gone home. I miss them already.

I am a very little man in a great big city. But I am not alone.

I am never alone.

Warm regards,

Wayne Thomas Batson

PPS: Please tune in to Fox Friday, 6:45 am, Eastern Time!

Edited to Add: The time of the appearance has been shifted to 8:45. Please pray that Wayne doesn't lose the slot, since that's close to the end of the show, and if something comes up, well, we all know what can happen. He won't have much time, so we want it to be really SHINY!


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