Friday, July 27, 2007

Tammy Faye Died and I Missed It!

Man, I feel bad about that. It shows I've had my head in plotting and writing and synopsizing (and, okay, blogging) so much I haven't been keeping up with the news. (Is there a hurricane coming? Did I miss a warning? You'd tell me, right?)

I had seen the documentary on her battle with cancer, and found her immensely likable--and yeah, still sorta naive and over-the-top. But very likable. And a perky fighter. Part of me digs a person's ability to hope upon hope, as well as to just wear her heart right out there on her hot-pink sleeve. And you can tell she LIKES people, and not all of us do. I very often don't, frankly. It's an appealing thing when you see people-love oozing.

Bye for now, T.F. I'll get to say howdy some day when all our mistakes and excesses, yours and mine, are forgotten. I suspect there will be a surprising number of folks up there who got the gospel from a heavily-made up, mediocre singer who loved Jesus.

Visit the Ragamuffin Diva for a very cool sort of send-off.

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