Monday, July 09, 2007

Rhysling Award Winners!

Oh, I am soooo happy. Two of my fave nominated poems placed!

Here they are:

3rd: Lawrence Schimel • Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Hole •
Helix 3 (Winter 2007) [published December 2006]
2nd: Joe Haldeman • god is dead short live god • Mythic 1 (April 2006)
1st: Rich Ristow • The Graven Idol's Godheart • The Shantytown Anomaly
2 (March 2006)

Long Poem:

3rd: Samantha Henderson • Sleepers • Dreams & Nightmares 75 (September
2nd: Catherynne M. Valente • The Eight Legs of Grandmother Spider •
Mythic 1 (April 2006)
1st: Mike Allen • The Journey to Kailash • Strange Horizons (1/23/2006)

Sam Henderson is one of my very fave speculative poets. I am superduper happy for her place in long form. Yes! Although, really, she should have won. Yes, I'm totally biased, but "Sleepers" and anothe of her nominated poems "Triptych.." were just superb. I voted for "Triptych..." as my favorite long poem, although I had jotted down "Sleepers" first. On repeated readings, I ended up liking the other just a scosh better. One is fantasy. One is science fiction. Both are faboo.

Mike Allen is hugely talented, so I cannot at all grudge his win. He's a cool guy and a real supporter of speculative poetry. Congrats to Mike, Samantha, and all the rest of the winners.

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