Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pre-Ordering THE RESTORER'S SON and Noticed Something at Amazon re Sales and Rankings and Christian Sci-Fi and Fantasy

I wanted to pre-order the second novel in Sharon Hinck's women's fiction meets alternate world fantasy trilogy called The Sword of Lyric. (I thought Book One was great fun!)

I did a search to see what else her publisher had put out that was SF recently, so I did an advanced search using publisher/fiction/after 2006, and listed by bestselling status.

Well, looky there. The first three ranked are all speculative fiction:

1. THE RETURN by Austin Boyd (It's science fiction)
2. DEMON: A Memoir by Tosca Lee (already own it and have plugged it on this blog)
3. THE RESTORER by Sharon Hinck (THE RESTORER'S SON, a preorder only item, is ranked SEVENTH. Go, Sharon!)

That was NavPress, where Jeff "Map Ender" Gerke used to work before he went flying solo.

Now, let's take a look at Thomas Nelson, same search criteria (fiction, publisher name, books after 2006):

1 WHEN CRICKETS CRY by Charles Martin (seems to be general Christian fiction)
2.SAINT by Ted Dekker
3.THE FINAL STORM (The Door Within trilogy, Book 3) by Wayne Thomas Batson (aka The Hunkier Steven Seagal and one of the Fantasy 4 Tourmates)

Slots 4, 7, & 8 were also taken by titles that fit "SF" definitions (by Wayne again, and by Ted D., and Ted D. plus Perretti.) As well as 12 (Batson), 13 (Dekker), and 14 (Lawhead).

(Now, if we could only get that third BIRTHRIGHT PROJECT book so I, the Mir, can be happy.)

I don't expect this is the usual (it wasn't for another CBA publisher I checked, who has heavy hitters in women's fiction and suspense, or a third who publishes a lot of romances and WF). And it doesn't (or may not, I haven't checked) reflect anywhere like that on the CBA bestseller charts.

But, hey, it still cheers my SF-loving heart that for ONE publisher, SF is doing rather nicely at this one online site.

Whaddya think? Nice? Encouraging?

Okay, I've duly blogged. I've posted a positive one for the team.

Now, I gotta go eat lunch and right back to work. I got proposals to get out in some sort of kinda timely maybe manner. And I don't mean Cuban Time, which is my native groove. Lord, I wish I wrote as fast as Karen Kingsbury or Nora Roberts. Whatever juice they swig, I want the deluxe super vat version of it.


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